Tundra House Hostel, Churchill hostelTundra House Hostel
(Open: December to September)

Tundra House Hostel

51 Franklin St., Churchill, Manitoba, Canada, R0B 0E0

Telephone: (204) 675-8831, Fax: (204) 675-2764

Host(s): Belinda & Parker Fitzpatrick

Cost: $35 (inc tax) dorm bed, $80/night private room (tax inc) with shared bath, $121/night private room with private bath. HI and other member discounts

Email: hostel@tundrainn.com

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Tundra House Hostel 2014, 771x832 low-res, Churchill hostel

Popular Activities:

1. Watch the Northern Lights (more details)Tundra House Hostel, Northern Lights.jpgNature Appreciation
2. Whale Watching (more details)Tundra House Hostel, Beluga Whale Watching.jpgNature Appreciation
3. Snowmobiling (more details)Tundra House Hostel, Ski-doing.jpgModerate Outdoor Activity

How to get here:

Only accessible by rail and air. 5 minutes walk from VIA Rail and 7kms from airport.
When you arrive in Churchill from the train, step outside and look for the large yellow Tundra Inn sign. Walk ahead, then turn left onto Kelsey Boulevard, then turn right at the blue Northern Store onto Franklin St. You will need to go to the Tundra Inn Hotel to check in and get keys for Tundra House Hostel. It should no longer than 5 minutes to walk and there are no hills.
From the airport, Churchill taxi is available and there is a free call button from the public phone. It will take about 1 hour to walk, but is not recommended though due to the risk of encountering of a Polar Bear or freezing!

Polar Bear Bed and Breakfast, Churchill hostelPolar Bear Bed and Breakfast
(Open all Year!)

Our room rates and benefits are comparable to a Youth Hostel!

Polar Bear Bed and Breakfast

26 Hearne Street, Churchill, Manitoba, Canada, R0B 0E0

Telephone: (204) 675-2819

Host(s): Don Gould

Cost: Single room $55; double room $100; 4-bed room $180
taxes included, full breakfast provided
10% discount for HI members or with student card during off-season

Email: polarbearbandb@yahoo.com

Bicycle Friendly accommodation /

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Polar Bear B&B 2014, 771x832 low-res, Churchill hostel

What we have to offer:

friendly atmosphere, free wireless internet, full breakfast, owned by fellow traveller. Owner originally came to Churchill in 1978 and I can provide best advice for sights to see, tours, deals, etc

Our room rates and benefits are comparable to a youth hostel

Free bicycle use and wireless internet. Full breakfast is provided.

We can arrange:
  • Kayak rentals and tours.
  • Introductory ultralight aircraft flight lessons around the Churchill area. Enjoy a spectacular view from the air of Fort Prince of Wales, the Hudson Bay coast, Cape Merry and Beluga whales in the Churchill river.
  • Tours to the Ithica shipwreck.

Popular Activities:
1. Polar Bear Watching Light Outdoor ActivityWinter Activity (more details)
2. Whale Watching (more details)Light Outdoor ActivitySummer Activity (more details)
3. Bird Watching (more details)Light Outdoor ActivitySummer Activity (more details)

How to get here:

6 minute walk from the train station, a free map is available at train station