Auberge de la Paix
(Open all Year!)

Auberge de la Paix, Quebec City hostel

Auberge de la Paix

31 rue Couillard, Quebec City, Quebec, Canada, G1R 3T4

Telephone: (418) 694-0735

Host(s): Alain Laflamme

Cost: Dorms:
High season (May 5th to Oct. 14th)- $30,00 (Bedding, breakfast and taxes included) / night
Low season (Oct. 15th to May 4th)– From $26,00 (Bedding,breakfast and taxes included) / night

Private room (1 person): $50.00 (low season), $75.00 (high season)
Private room (2 people): $75.00 (all year)
Private room (3 people): $99 (all year)
***All prices include bedding, breakfast and all taxes.


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What we have to offer:

hostel is located in Old Quebec, courtyard, close to the Plains of Abraham and other historic sites

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