The Arlington, Maynooth, Algonquin Park hostelThe Arlington
(Open all Year!)

Hosts some of the best musicians in Ontario

The Arlington

32990 Hwy. 62 at Hwy 127, at historic Arlington Hotel,, Box 87, Maynooth, Algonquin Park, Ontario, Canada, K0L 2S0

Telephone: (613) 338-2080

Host(s): Aleisha, Bernie & Connor

Cost: Dorm $25
Single-occupancy private room $35
Double-occupancy private room $58
Triple-occupancy private room $70


Best little hostel near Algonquin Park

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What we have to offer:

Imagine a time of steam engines and horse-drawn carriages, a time of lumberjacks and sawmills. This is the old Algonquin Park, a time when things moved a little slower and survival was a daily effort.

For over 100 years, The Arlington has served the little village of Maynooth, Ontario. It has served as safe haven for the region’s travel-weary guests, provided shelter for the thousands of resource workers that peppered the area, and served up some the best times at its notorious bar, The Shot and Bottle Lounge. That bar was expanded in 1953 and today hosts some of the best musicians in Ontario. Click on the PUB link to see what’s happening at The Arlington.

Now a clean and comfortable hostel, The Arlington plays host to travelers from around the world. These intrepid souls get to see the other side of Algonquin Park, the side less traveled. But they also get to step back in history and walk the streets of a century-old logging town. So book a room with us and see what all the fuss is about!

Or as we like to say… See you at The Arlington!

Popular Activities:
1. Hiking / Biking Moderate to Vigourous Outdoor ActivitySummer Activity
2. Canoeing Moderate to Vigourous Outdoor ActivitySummer Activity
3. Snowsports (more details)Moderate to Vigourous Outdoor ActivityWinter Activity