Spruce Lake Backpackers Lodge, Gold Bridge hostelSpruce Lake Backpackers Lodge
(Open: May 1st - Oct. 31st)

Spruce Lake Backpackers Lodge

3300 Gun Creek Road, Gold Bridge, British Columbia, Canada, V0K 1P0

Telephone: (250) 238-2274 , Fax: (250) 238-2241

Host(s): Kevan

Cost: $25.00 (dorm)

Email: adventures@chilcotinholidays.com

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What we have to offer:

There is no better way to experience the 5 Star Wilderness of the South Chilcotin Mountains. Experience the night stars, vast skies, towering mountain ranges, and endless scenery. Travel ancient game trails, wild flowering meadows, and hear the rush of glacial fed rivers.

While our Ranch is easily reached by vehicle, access to the pristine wilderness of our guide territory is by foot, horse or float plane only. Its remoteness helps preserve the outstanding quality of wilderness. The glaciated shale terrain makes summitting challenging yet obtainable, no matter what your method of travel.

The South Chilcotins lie within a transition zone between the Coast Mountains and the Chilcotin Plateau. This favoured position produces a rainshadow. This means sunny skies and a dry climate. The environment is "almost bug-free."

The area is renowned for its bio-diversity. An outstanding variety of wildlife and vegetation inhabits our guide area. California Bighorn sheep, Moose, Mule deer, Mountain goat, Grizzly, Black bear and wolf are plentiful and frequently sighted.

"Chilcotin" is an Indian name meaning "People of the Blue Water". The glaciers give the lakes throughout our territory an emerald turquoise colour.

The Pioneer Trail
Hike along well-defined horse trails once used by explorers, pioneers, and gold miners. Wildlife will greet you along the trail. Loons call to you from the lake. The star-studded skies, and the campfire will round out your hiking experience.

Chilcotin Holidays Guided Hiking Program
This trip is full of hiking for nature lovers. Jumping trout, 50 million year-old fossils, over 150 species of wildflowers, the call of the resident loons, and the canoe on the beach beckons you take the paddle. The slow pace of nature is addicting and you begin to rise and sleep by nature's clock.

Popular Activities:
1. Horseback Riding Light to Moderate Outdoor ActivitySummer Activity
2. Grizzly Bear viewing Nature AppreciationSummer Activity
3. Hiking (more details)Moderate Outdoor ActivitySummer Activity

How to get here:

Ranch Transport:
A scheduled service passenger is available Sunday, Monday, Thursday and Saturday. The 7:00am departure from a designated hotel arrives at our Ranch around noon. The 1:00pm departure from our Ranch arrives back at the hotel around 6:00pm.