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Douglastown Hostel
(Open all Year!)

Douglastown Hostel, Gaspé-Douglastown hostel

Douglastown Hostel

28 St Patrick St. , Gaspé-Douglastown, Quebec, Canada, G4X 2Y2

Telephone: 418-368-0288, Fax: 418-368-0284

Host(s): Suzanne Briand

Cost: 32$ per person taxes included


Bicycle Friendly accommodation /

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What we have to offer:

The Douglastown hostel is situated at the half way point between Pérce and The Parc Forrillon National park and about a 15 minute drive from the town of Gaspé. In walking distance is a beautiful natural beach, where sand dollars are easily found! Also there is a beautiful park and a soccer field and basket ball net for the young and young at heart!

bedding included

Popular Activities:
1. Play in the Park Light Outdoor ActivitySummer Activity
2. Play Soccer Vigourous Outdoor ActivitySummer Activity
3. Swim in the Ocean (more details)Light to Vigorous ActivitySummer Activity

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