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Fireweed Hostel
(Open all Year!)

Fireweed Hostel

313 Stephen Ave., Box 37, Field, British Columbia, Canada, V0A 1G0

Toll-free: 1-877-343-6999, Telephone: (250) 343-6999

Host(s): Kim and Craig Chapman

Cost: Winter--dorms: $30 per person plus tax; Private rooms: $80 (double occupancy) plus tax
Summer $40 per person plus tax; Private Rooms Summer $125 (double occupancy) plus tax


What we have to offer:

Located in Yoho National Park, Fireweed Hostel offers four common guest rooms that can accommodate up to six people each. The hostel is non-smoking and guests have access to a self-catering kitchen, laundry facilities and coin-operated Internet

Popular Activities:
1. Snowsports (more details)Moderate to Vigourous Outdoor ActivityWinter Activity
2. Hiking (more details)Light to Vigorous ActivitySummer Activity
3. Train Viewing (more details)Specialty Experience

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