Riding Fool Hostel, Cumberland hostelRiding Fool Hostel
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Crossing the River

Riding Fool Hostel

2705 Dunsmuir Ave., Cumberland, British Columbia, Canada, V0R 1S0

Toll-free: 1-888-313-FOOL(3665), Telephone: (250) 336-8250

Host(s): Jeremy Grasby

Cost: Dorm Room: $28
Private Room: ranging from $60 for 2 people in a double bed to $120 for 4 people in a family room

Email: info@ridingfool.com

Bicycle Friendly accommodation /

Ride in, ride out accommodation

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Popular Activities:

1. Mountain Biking Riding Fool, Mountain Biking.jpgModerate to Vigourous Outdoor ActivitySummer Activity (more details)
2. Snowsports (more details)Riding Fool, Snowsports.jpgModerate to Vigourous Outdoor ActivityWinter Activity (more details)
3. Fishing Riding Fool, Fishing.jpgLight Outdoor ActivityWinter Activity (more details)