Hamilton Guest House is Bicycle Friendly!
Hamilton Guest House

158 Mary Street
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, L8L 4V8
Telephone: (289) 440-8035

Email: info@hamiltonguesthouse.ca

Website: http://www.hamiltonguesthouse.ca

Security and Storage: We have a locked backyard, completely fenced, where bikes cannot be seen from the street, and we have a shelter with a rail that bikes can be locked on in the backyard. We also have basement space if people would like to store their bikes inside, or if we have more than can fit outside.

Maintenance and Repair: We have basic all-purpose tools at our hostel. However, we have a great relationship with the owner of a local bike repair shop, Downtown Bike Hounds (http://www.bikehounds.ca), and he can either lend tools or do repairs, or sell parts or even lend bikes, and is a big fan of hostelling.

Accessibility: We can arrange to let you in to the backyard where you can lock up your bike before coming in. Just let us know before arriving!

Rentals or Loans: We have two bicycles that we can loan to guests at no charge. They’re not fancy, but they will get you there! Also, Downtown Bike Hounds rents bicycles at very reasonable rates.

Expert Advice: There is a local club that can be found at http://www.cyclehamilton.ca. Also our local expert is Downtown Bike Hounds; they can give guests any information they could possibly need. We have many maps on local trails that cyclists can use, too.

Preferred Cycling Route: The Escarpment Rail Trail runs through Hamilton and is not far from our hostel. It is part of a Smart Commute network where people bike, run and rollerblade both to commute and for leisure.

Hamilton Guest House is bicycle friendly!

Bicycle Friendly accommodation

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