Newman House Hostel is Bicycle Friendly!
Newman House Hostel

53 Dorchester Street
Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada, E2L 3J1
Telephone: cell: (506) 650-7258



Security and Storage: We have an enclosed area under the deck where we have had as many as 10 bikes chained for a cycling tour group from the US. We also have stored bikes in the mud room / laundry room hanging from hooks.

Maintenance and Repair: We have a few bicycle tools for lending and will have more for the season. There is a nearby bicycle shop where a person can get parts or tools.

Accessibility: Our registration desk is easily accessible for cyclists. For example, registration is on the main floor so a person can easily bring their bicycle into our mud room/ laundry room before registering. Motorcyclists also have brought their bikes into the fenced yard.

Expert Advice: There are nearby experts and bike shops where people might get tips on routes or repair. We have maps that people can reference or take and reference books on bicycle repair.

Preferred Cycling Route: There is a secondary less-trafficked highway but most cyclists wish to take the more direct highway that has a large shoulder when traveling to the USA. There are cycling trails nearby at our local Rockwood Park and Irving Nature Park.

Other Benefits: We give discounts to cyclists for pre-booked groups. We also offer specials to Marathon runners, divers groups, student groups etc.

Newman House Hostel is bicycle friendly!

Bicycle Friendly accommodation

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