Misty River Lodge / Radium International Hostel is Bicycle Friendly!
Misty River Lodge / Radium International Hostel

5036 Highway 93
Radium Hot Springs, British Columbia, Canada, V0A 1M0
Telephone: (250) 347-9912

Email: office@mistyriverlodge.ca

Website: http://radiumhostel.bc.ca

Security and Storage: Bike racks and secure bike storage in our shed/workshop.

Maintenance and Repair: We have tools. We have a large workshop here with some spare parts (as there is no bike shop in Radium). We can also do minor repairs to bicycles.

Accessibility: Office is at ground level.

Expert Advice: We are both touring cyclists. Gaby has bicycle toured across Canada by herself (a few years ago now). Geoff has bicycle toured through a few countries. We would be happy to provide route and terrain information for this area, if required. We have also found the following website useful for some of our bicycle trips (others may find it useful too: www.bikemap.net)

Other Benefits: We also offer a shuttle service to the hot springs for guests that are tired after a full days riding (we have also found ourselves picking up 2 exhausted cyclists from a nearby town that were looking for a hostel that no longer exists)!

Misty River Lodge / Radium International Hostel is bicycle friendly!

Bicycle Friendly accommodation

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